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LUSCIOUS Landscapes by laura leigh

Laura Leigh is a fine artist and maker of organic watercolor paints based in New Paltz, NY. Laura blends the line between abstraction and landscape in her plein air oil paintings. After completing her BFA in Painting and Drawing from SUNY New Paltz in 2014, she has completed several artist's residency programs, many in national parks. Laura has created her own earth pigment library made from Ochre minerals and clay from around the country, and now spends most of her time teaching online and in person classes. She believes that painting is therapeutic and wants to help heal and connect people through creative expression. 


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Intuitive Landscape
Painting Class

Inspired by nature and the landscapes of the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River Valley, these classes are one part basic painting lesson and one part art therapy.  I create a calm environment for you to open the door to your inner creative world, while also learning basic painting techniques that work for your individual skill set. In each class I will guide you through a landscape painting (either from an already finished painting, or from life outside (Plein air) step by step while presenting color, composition and drawing techniques that are simple and easy to follow. This is a class in creative confidence, and students will learn new ways of drawing and painting that resonate personally and allow you to open up and express yourself with the paint. You're not expected to create a masterpiece, you're expected to be yourself. Supplies provided, acrylic paint is typically used.

This class is for beginner/intermediate painters of all ages.

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Upcoming  Classes: 

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Check out my monthly workshops

(and Weekly Tuesday Morning Online Class) at:
Salem Art Works
Middlebury Studio School

Nature's Palette
handmade earth pigment watercolors for sale/workshops


In this workshop, plein air/abstract artist Laura Leigh Lanchantin will walk through the traditional method of creating watercolor paint from Catskill and Appalachian sedimentary rock/clay. This includes gathering stones, milling pigments, and applying these paints with your painting process. Laura will also discuss basic geology, the history of pigments, safety procedures, and areas of the Appalachian and Green Mountains where she collects her stones.  Each student will have the opportunity to create a small watercolor palette to take home. The end of the workshop will feature an open-paint session with pigments, charcoal and watercolor mediums. Laura will guide you to create your own painting based off of nature, imagination, or a reference photo. 


This workshop is for adult artists and non-artists alike. No previous knowledge required. All materials included.

"I like Laura’s class. She made landscape painting easy for me. I was able to follow her instruction easily. Her teaching method, in-class exercises, and color-mixing technique are easy to remember. They made a big difference in my painting. Her teaching is clear and easy to understand, and easy to apply to my practice. She is also a very encouraging instructor. I am so glad that I took her class and I highly recommend her class to others." 

-Yinglei Zhang, artist and teacher at the Middlebury Studio School. 

Host a Class, workshop or paint party

Need some creative self care? Laura is available for private lessons, Intuitive Painting classes, Nature's Palette Workshops,

Paint and Sip, and Creative Movement Therapy sessions in both her studio in Clintondale NY OR your home/business/space. 

I'm happy to chat details about hosting a class or a painting party!

If you have questions about classes, watercolor paints, commissioning an original painting or a private class please fill out this form: Thank you!

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