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I'm Laura Leigh- abstract and landscape painter, and maker of organic watercolor paints from Cambridge N.Y

Art is important right now, and I am passionate about helping you relax, create and express yourself during this pandemic through online painting classes for all ages & skill levels.



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Online Classes are currently on hold for the Summer

Please check back in for Fall classes

Intuitive Painting

These classes are all about discovering a new form of creative expression during quarantine. I create a calm, casual, and social environment for you to open the door to your inner creative world. This is a class in creative confidence, and students will learn new ways of drawing and painting that resonate personally. You're not expected to create a masterpiece, you're expected to be yourself. Bring the Supplies of your choice, BYOB is optional.

Occurs every other Thursday at 7:30pm est. over Zoom.

Each week features a different painting. This week's image is always posted here. 

$12 per person per class. 

Kid's Painting Class 

Parents are working overtime right now. Give yourself a break while knowing your child is learning fundamental art lessons. 

These classes are for ages 6+ and are both fun and educational! Classes cover a range of lessons from the color wheel, compositions, landscape, drawing animals, art history and even some environmental fun facts. This week's lesson theme is always posted here. Bring the supplies that you can.

Every Tuesday, 3-4pm est. on Zoom

$10 per child per class.


Art & Soul

A therapeutic painting class rooted in mindfulness

Breath in, make art, feel better. Creative expression is a remedy and can help release stress, anxiety and depression. In these sessions, painting and meditation become one act of self care. Artist Laura Leigh and meditation/yoga coach Cindee Rifkin are collaborating to create a safe and comfortable virtual space for you express yourself and explore your own artistic instincts. Each class will combine a simple painting lesson with meditation and breathwork. Bring the supplies of your choice. 


Every Wednesday, 7-8:30pm est. on Zoom

$20 per person per class.

More about Cindee Rifkin:

Cindee Rifkin is an international meditation coach and yoga teacher with a practice rooted in trauma relief.  She helps people to overcome challenging emotional blocks and behavioral patterns through a shift in mindset, guided breathwork, movement and meditation. Cindee’s practice is crafted from her own personal journey of overcoming trauma and years of study with master teachers, including B.N.S Iyengar, Ram Dass, Shri Sheshadri, and Ana Forrest to name a few.


Esteemed for her fierce and fearless compassion, Cindee has introduced mindfulness practices world-wide to communities in need, whether that be helping abuse survivors

Need Supplies?

I'm now offering packages of supplies for all classes.

Please order at least 4 days before class.


Acrylic Package includes two 8x10 canvas panels, 2inx2in containers of Acrylic paint (White, red, yellow, blue), and 3 paint brushes.) 

$25 & Free Shipping

Watercolor Package includes two 8x10 sheets of high quality watercolor paper, handmade red ochre watercolor paint, Blue, yellow, red watercolor paint, three brushes. 

$50 & Free Shipping

email me at for a package


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